Research Papers

  1. Soybean photosynthesis and crop yield are improved by accelerating recovery from photoprotection
    AP De Souza, SJ Burgess, L Doran, J Hansen, L Manukyan, N Maryn, …
    Science 377 (6608), 851-854
  2. High-throughput Analysis of Non-Photochemical Quenching in Crops using Pulse Amplitude Modulated Chlorophyll Fluorometry.
    D Gotarkar, L Doran, M Burns, A Hinkle, J Kromdijk, SJ Burgess
    Journal of Visualized Experiments: Jove

Review Papers

  1. Recent developments in the engineering of Rubisco Activase for enhanced crop yield (2023) I Sparrow-Muñoz*, TC Chen*, SJ Burgess Biochemical Society Transactions
  2. Into the Shadows and Back into Sunlight: Photosynthesis in Fluctuating Light
    SP Long, SH Taylor, SJ Burgess, E Carmo-Silva, T Lawson, AP De Souza, …
    Annual Review of Plant Biology 73, 617-648
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