2022.05.22 New publication – Congrats to Ignacio and Tim

A belated congratulations to Ignacio and Tim for publication of their review “Recent developments in the engineering of Rubisco activase for enhanced crop yield” in Biochemical Society Transactions! (their first co-first author publication) In this manuscript they surveyed the latest research into the structure, mechanism and regulation of Rubisco Activase, a protein which plays anContinue reading “2022.05.22 New publication – Congrats to Ignacio and Tim”

2022.08.02 Summer farewell

This week we celebrated successful completion of a 10 week summer project in our lab by undergrad extraordinare Chandra Davies. A community college student, Chandra joined us as part of the NSF Funded PRECS REU at UIUC. Thrown the task of establishing a protocol for photosynthesis measurements of the unicellular green alga Ostreococcus tauri, sheContinue reading “2022.08.02 Summer farewell”

2022.02.24 – Lab opening

After 13 months of hard work from UIUC facilities management and admin the Burgess Lab in Morrill Hall 283 is almost ready for action! We had a small lab warming party last Monday to celebrate, with only a few remaining issues to be resolved before moving over from the IGB. We were joined by membersContinue reading “2022.02.24 – Lab opening”

2021.09.16 : Join us! Fully Funded Ph.D Position

We invite you to join us for a fully-funded Ph.D position in Plant Biology! Our agricultural system is under strain from extreme weather conditions, new pests, and herbicide resistance weeds. This creates challenges for getting food onto your plate, with the potential to increase grocery prices and worsen socioeconomic disparities. The Burgess Lab is committedContinue reading “2021.09.16 : Join us! Fully Funded Ph.D Position”